The Biggest of THANK YOU’S!

There is no doubt that without the following amazing people in our lived, nothing would ever get done. So, this is our thanks to all that have helped allow the Rebels of Real Estate to do their jobs and help as many people as possible. 

Without our wives, Triana & Jackie, and children, Jordin, Tiphany, Jaime and Sarah, there would be no reason us to do what we do.

An outrageously big thanks to Karin Olson for without her constant sharing of her expertise and guidance we would still be wondering how to bring this idea of a “roll up your sleeves” process, done! Please, if you are bringing a project alive, check her out at

Without a final once-over from the talented Kari MaKenna, this website, home learning programs, and other materials wouldn’t be the best! Her company, “KM Creative Design,” should be sought out when attempting to conquer a project this (or any) size. Contact her at

An enormous hug to Callan Rush, Justin Livingston, Nancy Juetten and Kate Harlow for their continued support as we continue to help entrepreneurs everywhere let their money do the work.

To all of the members of our initial seminars that helped us refine our message, process and system – THANK YOU!  You guys/gals have the patience of a saint… and we are so glad you followed through and made Real Estate and important part of your freedom!