The rebels don’t limit themselves to the spoken word, they are actually both authors. Here are a couple of links to get their previous works.  Just click on the picture and buy the book.  (And yes, Rebels’ buy books so they can learn, grow, laugh, and improve!)

Live The Risk:  The Rebels’ first book and the one that kicked off their careers in helping people and their company.

There are two variables that are consistent in all of life and that is ‘you’ and ‘time’. This book is a guide that will help you take control of those variables. Why would you waste these precious resources when you can Live The Risk and enjoy your life. Live The Risk is about breaking away from your comfort zone, visualizing your success, eliminating your excuses and empowering your future self!

You will want to read this book if any of the following questions are ‘true’ for you:

Do you view life as wasting away, where time flies and nothing improves?

Do you look forward to your vacation in order to escape your day-to-day existence?

Are you waiting for retirement to start living the life you want and deserve?

Would you like to end every day feeling happy, challenged, and fulfilled?

Are you ready to stop talking about your dream and make it a reality?




Bulls**t Brilliance:  If you aren’t willing to take action, then at least make your excuses better!

We’ve all been there…

“Get this report done by Monday!” Ugh! It’s your wedding anniversary and you have non-refundable tickets to Fiji! How about when you get home two hours later than your curfew? Your mom is sitting there waiting for you and she is pissed. How do you spin this so she will let you live to be 18? You’ve got to bulls**t, folks! Cause if you don’t you’ll take the fall and will be judged. . . and it won’t be pretty.

Bulls**t Brilliance will help you master this essential survival skill! You will learn not just what dazzling drek looks and sounds like, but you’ll become a champion chucker of cowyard confetti! Your codswallop will be crackerjack; your baloney will be breathtaking. Your goal is to get out of being found guilty of. . . anything, ever! Because remember, it’s never your fault.

If you perfect this skill, your boss will not only offer to write the report himself but will drive you and your spouse to the airport! Your mom will be so proud that she will buy you a new car! This little gem of a book compiles the bulls**t secrets of the universe and will help you master them, guaranteed. Read it now!

Bulls**t Brilliance is a humorous How-to book on creating the excuses and deflections that help you avoid the consequences from your responsibilities. Many gems, free gifts, and other exciting tidbits are included. Of course, it also helps you identify the bulls**t in your life.